Anonymous said: Are the decks actually good for skating?

Our decks are made with only skateboarding in mind, although it might be perfect wall decoration, these are made to skate. Premium Canadian maple.

Anonymous said: Any chance of a restock on the Rainbow tees?

I’m afraid not, we don’t do restocks, sorry!

Anonymous said: Are you guys from the USA? Weird shipping prices tbh

LITW is a brand from Belgium, Europe. Hope that explains shipping! Cheers!

Anonymous said: Where is the brand currently being stocked?

As of now, the only places where you can get LITW is through our own webstore & Amsterdam online concept boutique Snakecartel. Cheers!

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YUNG LEAN in our long sold out ‘Repeat’ longsleeve. - www.lostintheworld.org
Lost In The World - ‘Monogram’ Deck
2 Year Anniversary Zine - The Lost Youth Issue
Consisting of 48 pages and featuring behind the scenes looks at LITW, exclusive content by the faces behind various clothing brands & more. The Lost Youth zine’s main focus is to use LITW as a platform for creatives to showcase their work. Featuring exclusive artwork created by artists from all over the world ranging from photography to illustrations.
Preview: https://vimeo.com/102532872
Printed in black & white on A5.
Available here.